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Digital menu boards bring state-of-the-art technology to your stores, creating eye-catching and engaging displays that attract and capture the attention of your customers. With digital menu boards, you are able to update your menu items, prices, promotions and other information, easily, quickly and without print production expenses.

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Menu Board In a Box
What’s a digital menu board?
A digital menu board utilizes one or more commercial-grade large format LCD display monitors (like flat panel TVs) to display your menu. The other components include a media player to deliver content to the monitors, the software to develop and manage the content, and mounts and brackets to hang the monitors. MDI’s Menu Board In-a-Box utilizes Samsung® brand display monitors with with the media players and MagicInfo I® software built in to the display. A simple solution for what can be a complex setup.
Do I have choices?
You pick the monitor size best suited for your restaurant environment. 46" displays are recommended to provide ample screen real estate to display your menu and promotions. You pick how many you want and how they are mounted. The mounts are included in the box. You can also add back-lit light boxes to display static menu items or promotions. We make those too.
How do I get my menu on the monitors?
Samsung® monitors with MagicInfo I® software allow you to simply plug USB removable flash drives into the monitor to instantly download and play your content. Or your system can be set up on a local network (LAN) within the restaurant and with the addition of a PC, content can be delivered and managed from the PC. MagicInfo I® software is included in the box.
Can I control the menus from my corporate office?
With an internet connection within the restaurant, your menu boards can be set up on a WAN or wide area network. This setup allows you to remotely control the content on all your menu boards, from any remote location like your corporate office. All the necssary software is included and is easy to learn and use.
Installation is in the box too.
MDI’s qualified technicians will survey your restaurant and help determine the best installation method, mounts, cabling requirements, etc. They’ll return when the equipment arrives, install it, and provide any other setup necessary to get you going.
How much does this cost?
It depends on the size and quantity of monitors, and monitor models and prices are changing all the time. Give us a call, answer a few questions, and we’ll give you a general idea of the cost.